FOR Cardiff are delighted to announce that our Cardiff Against Business Crime (CABC) scheme was the fourth in the UK, and joint first in Wales (as well as Newport), to gain accreditation against the new open standards for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRP).

The rigorous standards for BCRP’s  are measured against governance, benefits, data integrity, systems and communications and by demonstrating that accredited partnerships meet the national standard our police partners can have the confidence to ‘dare to share’ information and act on the information they receive from BCRPs to foster a culture of collaborative working.

The National Association of Business Crime Partnership (NABCP) assessor said, “The ‘new’ Cardiff BCRP is supported by FOR Cardiff and was only initiated in the previous 12-18 months. It has recently commissioned a new digital radio system with 200 members; seen a change to the BCRP Board and management structures; worked to support the recent Purple Flag Award; and only last week underwent an office move. All these have provided challenges which have been met and I believe exceeded by the administration arrangements it has in place. Notwithstanding this, they also demonstrated full awareness of the new current GDPR and Data Protection arrangements and the changes needed to BCRP policies and guidelines have been made and introduced. I am satisfied that the requirements for the standard have been met and exceeded in many areas of its work and recommend it for accreditation.”

David Wilson, National Coordinator of the NABCP described CABC as “operating an excellent scheme”.

Paul Hurley QPM, Independent Chair of Cardiff Against Business Crime Board of Management, said “I am delighted with the progress we have made in our first year where we have delivered what we promised and more and we are determined to build on this progress to support our member businesses to drive down crime. I am particularly pleased with the partnerships we have forged, and I believe this has been the key to our early success. Gaining accreditation with the new open standards demonstrates that we are a robust and vital member led partnership and one of the best performing BCRP’s in the UK ‘’