Partners of Cardiff Against Business Crime (CABC)

The partnership was established in 2017 and  is working towards an exclusion and banning scheme based on a photographs and intelligence sharing system. This intranet,which can only be accessed by members of CABC is the means by which members share information and publish, among them, details of banned or excluded people.

If you would like to learn more about the CABC you can do so here. Otherwise, if you would like to join CABC please complete the form below.

FOR Cardiff

FOR Cardiff is Cardiff's Business Improvement District (BID). FOR Cardiff support and fund Cardiff Against Business Crime (CABC).

South Wales Police

South Wales Police

South Wales Police is the largest police force in Wales and although geographically small, covering around 812 square miles and equating to just 10% of the geographical area of Wales, South Wales Police provides a policing service to 1.3 million people (42% of the country’s population).

British Transport Police

British Transport Police

The British Transport Police is the national special police force that polices railways and light-rail systems in England, Scotland and Wales. 8.6 million people use the rail network every day and the mission of the British Transport Police is to help get people home safe, secure and on time.

MRS Communications

M.R.S. Communications Ltd, established 1978, they are one of the leading provider's of high quality two-way radio systems. Their radio systems have been utilised in helping to reduce crime and improve security in towns and retail centres, hospitals, car parks and university campuses across the UK. 

Cardiff City Council

Cardiff Council services tourism and business development and provides a wealth of local information.

Cardiff Licensees Forum

The Cardiff Licensees Forum represents licensed premises in Cardiff City Centre & Cardiff Bay.