Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member and how much will it cost to join CABC?

CABC is a Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) hosted and administratively supported by FOR Cardiff Business Improvement District (BID). All FOR Cardiff levy payers have the option to join CABC at no cost but still must sign a separate membership and data integrity document to authorise the sharing of information. CityNet radio subscribers who are not BID levy payers also have the option to join CABC at no cost.

If a business is not a levy payer and does not have a CityNet Radio subscription then they can join CABC for £150 + VAT a year. (This is a tax-deductible business expense). To join, complete this form online and we'll be in touch with further information.

Voluntary membership of FOR Cardiff includes full access to CABC and is charged at £250 +VAT a year.

What are the benefits of joining CABC?

The benefits of CABC membership include:

  • The support of Business Crime Reduction manager, Ian Tumelty, who has over 40 years’ experience of crime reduction and prevention in Cardiff.
  • Access to our secure intelligence and incident recording members intranet SentrySIS.
  • The offer of a subsidised subscription to our police monitored CityNet radio.
  • Specialist training in respect of Vulnerability Awareness in the night time economy, Child Sexual Exploitation and County Lines Awareness and Protect Duty Legislation awareness.

Other benefits include joining a network of like minded businesses dedicated to keeping their staff and customers safe and protecting their stock. Membership also includes representation in the wider Community Safety Partnership arrangements which includes the police local authority and Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office.

What area does CABC cover?

CABC covers the City & County of Cardiff.

I am outside of the city centre, what are my membership options?

Membership options for those outside the city centre include the advice and support of the Business Crime Reduction Manager, access to SentrySIS and the opportunity to have representation on the BCRP Board of Management.

What is SentrySIS?

SentrySIS is the CABC member’s secure incident and intelligence sharing database. SentrySIS allows GDPR compliant communications between users, identifies crime intelligence and offenders with analytics’ offender galleries and data reports. It is also paperless and safely stored in the cloud and is available on desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

How easy is SentrySIS to use?

SentrySIS has been designed as an intuitive, user-friendly platform across Desktop and apps available on IOS and Android. Training is available but we have found that members who use apps on a regular basis will be available to navigate the system easily.

I am a BID levy payer, but I don’t have a radio. Can I still access the SentrySIS system?


What is City Net Radio?

CityNet is the CABC public safety radio network that operates in Cardiff City Centre. A police officer, based in the CCTV control room in Cardiff County Hall, monitors the radio channel 24/7.

At present we have over 220 users across the day and night time economy. Users can contact each other and the police operator on a secure digital channel.

CityNet is supported by our delivery partners M.R.S. Communications and the FOR Cardiff subsidised subscription is £5+VAT per week

How easy is City Net to use?

The CityNet Radios are simple to use and are supplied with full user instructions and scheme protocols.

What is the Exclusion Scheme?

CABC members can exclude retail theft, violent and anti-social behaviour offenders from their private premises as is their right. The CABC exclusion scheme records policies and procedures to ensure those decisions are made fairly and that there is an appeals procedure. In effect, should an offender be excluded from a member premises they may, on the review of an exclusion subcommittee, be excluded from all member business premises.

How do I pay my membership fees?

FOR Cardiff raise and send out invoices for payment

What training do you provide?

SentrySIS and CityNet user training. Vulnerability Awareness training for staff working in the evening and night-time economies. Child Sexual Exploitation and County Lines awareness training and Protect Duty Legislation Awareness.

When is training available?

Specialist group training such as Vulnerability Awareness and Child Sexual Exploitation are advertised via the FOR Cardiff social media channels and by invitation. SentrySIS and CityNet Training is available by arrangement with the Business Crime Reduction Manager.

Can we try before we buy? (or hire for major events)

Yes, a three-week trial is available to evidence a business case for a regular subscription. Damage or loss of the radio at full cost is the responsibility of the business during this period and will be subject to a signed agreement to this effect.

Radios required on short term lets for events can be discussed with the CityNet M.R.S. account manager.

How many users am I able to give access to the system for my membership fee?

This depends on the operational need of the business and will be discussed on a case by case with the Business Crime Reduction Manager on sign up.

What can I do if I want to complain about CABC collecting information without consent or for any other reason (other than appeals against exclusions)?

Refer to the CABC Privacy Notices on our website and/or contact the Business Crime Reduction Manager who has been appointed as the Data Protection Officer by the BCRP Board of Management.